Ubud - Bali

If you are looking for peace and tranquility then Ubud is the place. Ubud offers you a retreat from the city a dull routine. In Ubud you can pamper your body and mind, because here there are restaurants and a spa-quality that will make you relaxed and satisfied.


Stroll through verdant rice fields, see the artwork and the exotic culture, chatting with the friendly inhabitants, and saw a procession of Balinese custom whereby a woman walking toward the temple with graceful while balancing stacks offerings of fruit on her head. It's just a piece of lasting impression that can be captured while visiting this beautiful place.

The best way to explore the traditions and culture of Bali is mingling with the locals and see their daily lives. In Ubud, you can visit the temples and villages that are relatively not changed much over the years. A memory of the atmosphere of the Hindu period in Java first and you will find more difficult now.

Ubud region's stunning complete with history, art, and rich culture. Discover also traces the Kingdom of Bali, the arts, and crafts are beautiful and unique. Ubud's numerous art galleries, paintings, and carvings are extraordinary awaiting your appreciation and click amazed. Buy one of them because it may be very perfect to enhance your living room or family room in your home.

Ubud is known as a quiet area with beautiful scenery. Ubud offers you a natural atmosphere to cool down. Fields charming scenery, the atmosphere is cool, and friendly people, an environment that will make the streets of your morning and afternoon fun.

Has a lot of people come to Ubud initially only for one or two days but then they stay longer, soluble in culture and stunning beauty. Ubud is a place where the famous Elizabeth Gilbert found peace and love as written in the book best-seller "Eat, Pray, Love". Now the book was filmed, starring famous actress Julia Roberts and senior Indonesian actress Christine Hakim who acted as Wayan, an alternative medicine village in Ubud Bali.

Come to Ubud, then get a tour an unforgettable experience. After you come home from Ubud then all that remains is peace, a sense of friendship, and its natural beauty that seemed to smile inviting you to come back in a stunning island resort.
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