Toba Lake - North Sumatra

Lake Toba is a volcanic lake that occur when a volcanic explosion at 69000-77000 years ago, is expected as well as one of the largest volcanic explosion in the world.


Bunaken National Park

Bunaken National Park is very representative of Indonesian tropical water ecosystems consisting of mangrove ecosystems, seagrass beds, coral reefs, and land / coastal ecosystems.


Komodo National Park

Komodo's national park consisting of three islands outgrows which is island Komodo, Rinca's island and Padar's island and 26 islands outgrows / another littles.


Green Canyon - Pangandaran, West Java

Green Canyon's place lies at kertayasa's Village, Ciamis, Javanese West, more or less 31 km from Pangandaran. Green Canyon named by french tourist.


Bromo Tengger Semeru's national park

Bromo Tengger Semeru's national park have sub ecosystem type montana, montana and alphin's sub with big cashew tree and gets age hundreds years.