Toba Lake - North Sumatra

Lake Toba is a volcanic lake that occur when a volcanic explosion at 69000-77000 years ago, is expected as well as one of the largest volcanic explosion in the world.

After the blast, created kaledra (depressions in the ground after a volcanic eruption) which is then filled by water and we now know as Lake Toba.

Middle of Lake Toba also has a small island which is also called the island of Samosir.

If friends all want to go see the lake Toba, it is advisable to drop into town Parapat. From there can see the beautiful lake toba clearer. Parapat also one tourist city in northern Sumatra. So do not worry for business accommodation, hospitality, and the like. Hopefully there is available. And also later from Parapat, access to other nearby tourist area toba easier, because a ship, ferry, or the like that are ready to transport.

The majority ethnic population in the vicinity of Lake Toba is a Batak. In general, people over there livelihood as farmers, traders, and fishermen.
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