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Bogor Botanical Gardens is located in the heart of the city of Bogor , West Java , about 60 kilometers southeast of Jakarta , the capital city of the Republic of Indonesia at Jalan Ir . H. Juanda No. . 13 Bogor , West Java .
This place is one of oustanding tourist attractions in Indonesia.

Bogor Botanical Gardens has some interesting collection that the public interest , such as the Flower Titan Arum ( Amorphophallus titanum Becc . ) . Flowers with the largest inflorescence height can reach 3 meters . At the time of bloom , he smelled of carrion that invites insects to aid pollination .
Approximately 10,000 specimens of orchid collection displayed at the Bogor Botanical Gardens orchid house fogging system that comes as a moisture regulator .

Furthermore , there are palm trees ( Arecaceae ) , medicinal plants , rare fruits , meranti ( Dipterocarpaceae ) and pitcher ( Nephentaceae ) .
Other unique collections , such as the king of trees ( Koompassia excelsa ) , giant lotus ( Victoria amazonica ) and old trees such as lychees , kapok and teak , the complete diversity of the existing collection .

As a botanical garden which has a wet lowland habitat types , the Bogor Botanical Gardens is located at an altitude of 260 m above sea level , the air humidity 80-90 % and rainfall 3000-4300 mm / year .

With an area of ​​about 87 acres, the Botanical Garden has a collection of 13,697 plant specimens , which are grouped into 3,441 species , 1,265 genera and 220 families .

In addition to the collection of tropical plants , Botanical Garden also has several historic buildings and places of interest to visit . Once inside the main gate of the Bogor Botanical Gardens , a row of walnut trees appear ( Canarium vulgare ) on the left and right of the road . Trees were planted in 1831 , 1834 and 1835 , originating from Sulawesi and the Moluccas own impression .

Then Teysmann Garden , a formal style garden which was built in 1889 as a tribute to Johannes Teysmann , one of the curators Bogor Botanical Gardens are a lot of work in the field of landscaping . There are many other places of interest , namely Taman Lebak Sudjana Kasan , Astrid Way , Cactus Garden , Monument also J. J. Smith , Hanging Bridge , Tree Bats , Dutch Cemetery and Monument Lady Raffles is a place that rarely pass up.

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