Parangtritis, Famous beach at Yogyakarta

Beach Parangtritis is one of beach which must be visitted, are not only because constitute the most popular beach at Yogyakarta, but also have relevance hand in glove with wisata's
object medley another, as Kraton Yogyakarta, Parangkusumo's beach and Merapi's area. Beach that lies 27 kilometers of this Yogyakarta's downtown also form a part of Ratu Kidul (Kidul's Queen) power.

Parangtritis's naming has alone history. Long time ago, someone named dipokusumo what does constitute escapee of Majapahit's monarchy comes to this region hundreds last year to do meditations. While see water drip those are adrift from reef gap, it even denominate this region as parangtritis, of parang's word(=stone) and tumaritis(=water drip). Beach that lies at even that region eventual being denominated similar.

Parangtritis's beach constitute full beach myth, believed to constitute realization of trimurti's unity that consisting of Mountain Merapi, Kraton Yogyakarta and Parangtritis. This beach also been believed as place meets it Panembahan Senopati with Sunan Kalijaga momentary afters is finished trip hermitage. In that appointment, senopati is reminded that patronizing regular as power of despite has miracle.

To amount to experience wisata can be felt at this beach. Enjoying nature landscape of course as main the most. Fascinate that nature can be peeked of various location and way so landscape that is seen more varying and your even have experience that variably. If you stand up at its beach bank, fascinate observable nature is landscape go out to sea mighty escape extent with hard wave splashing and tall banks at its eastern.

To enjoy it, you can just as walk from east aim to the west and seeing southerly. Besides, you can also lease gig service that will you pass unwearying similar route. There is too offer bestriddens to ride on horseback to explore beach. Its cost, you can speak by tenanted service.
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