Sago Worms from Jailolo West Halmahera

Jailolo in West Halmahera has a variety of culinary tours, one of which is the sago worms. The caterpillars of the white spongy size human thumb.

People at Jailolo added sago worms in colo-colo sauce or grilled bananas while eating. Once eaten, might be hooked!

Sago worms are white, the size of a human thumb up. Once burned, the skin becomes charred and slightly blackish color. It smells wafted tantalizing.

It feels so good! Sago worms that tastes delicious and crispy, and the sauce colo-colo is a spicy sweet blend mouthfeel. Sago worms this fuel has its own taste addictive than eaten directly in a raw state. Yes, if it is very sour crude and tasteless.

Not just once eating sago worms grilled with  colo-colo sauce. Moreover, sago worms that look burnt, more crunchy!
Companion than colo-colo sauce is grilled banana. Sago worms eaten with grilled bananas, how it feels?

It felt no less delicious dipped in sauce with colo-colo. Fresh banana flavor and taste thick, blend in the fuel crunchy sago worms. Unique taste, it is not enough to make your mouth chew one time.

Either eaten with colo-colo sauce or grilled banana, sago worms grilled tastes very delicious. Perhaps, you are frowned upon seeing this from grilled sago worms close. But when've enjoyed it, guaranteed hooked!

Indonesia there are a variety of culinary specialties in each island. Do not look underestimate, because each culinary region became a favorite with the local community. But, it could not hurt you to try to know how it feels.