Tidung Island

The largest island is located in the Pulau Seribu famous with tourist icon love bridges, bridges that contact between the two Tidung kecil Island with a total area of ​​50 hectares and Tidung besar island with an area of ​​100 hectares of blue sea without waves.

Tidung island is very crowded in the visit since the past few years, due to the popularity of the name Tidung Island has raised the island of a Pulau seribu names, especially some of the crowded island that was once empty is now over to the crowded back Populeran Tidung Island

Uniqueness Tidung Island is a tourist-based community and do not expect to stay at the Hotel, as the Tidung Island is managed by the local residents. So used are  citizens homestay but citizens are not mixed in it. Facilities in homestay  also not inferior to Amenities.

Not only is there lodging house residents or citizens there are also some that are dedicated to lodging The visitors, such as the night has different characteristics - different and this is usually a favorite lodging in Tidung Island . Because the island is large enough to walk around  Tidung Island you do not have to walk away. To round the island Tidung you can use bicycles or tricycles as a means of transportation.

Water sports on the island tourist enliven Tidung. Such as snorkling, Diving, banana boat, canoe, jet sky androads - roads in Island Nearest Tidung Island. With clear water conditions  that will make you linger to be in the water.

Of some water games which usually enjoy doing by some visitors are snorkling around coral reefs, Tidung Island or in some island closest to Tidung Island. Take picture in the water to see some kind of coral reefs that attract and feed the fish in the sea.

For those of you who can not do not be afraid to swim snorling equipment equipped with floats so you will not be able to swim while you still can bersenorkling. As with the diving to be able to swim
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