to bali at low cost

For you who want a cheap holiday in Bali with minimal costs or are planning a vacation to Bali for the first time? Here are some tips that can be tried for Bali to:

1. please visit bali holiday season such as school holidays June - August, Lebaran holidays, Christmas and New Year too long or weekend.

On holidays like that, the prices will be on the rise all. Rent a car or motorcycle, hotel, and others will rise. There's good friend planned travel route.

For short breaks of less than a week, plan to visit the tourist spots in Bali preferred. Information tourist attractions in Bali so much is on the internet, you choose. Such as make a list of the attractions to be visited according to the region in order to minimize costs over

For example:
a. Area of ​​northern Bali: Kintamani, Pura Tirtha Empul, Siring, Ubud, Ubud, Etc.
b. South Bali area: GWK, Tanjung Benoa, Kuta, Uluwatu, Padang - Padang, Dreamland Beach, Etc.
c. Area of ​​West Bali: Pura Tanah Lot, Taman Ayun, Bedugul, Alas Kedaton, Lake Tamblingan, Candi Kuning, Etc..

2. Try to stay in Kuta and the surrounding area. The main reason for the close of the airport, 24 hours a bustling tourist area.

The most complete tourist facilities and many more reasons. Kuta also has many lodging options ranging from thousands to millions of under 100 per night.

From the first time in Kuta and Legian tourist boom, the region is famous for. Region its name Poppies Lane I and II.Poppies Lane can be reached from the beach in Kuta and Legian Street break.

Poppies also known as a center of cheap lodging in Kuta. If the area of ​​Kuta Beach hotel in a pretty good price for the backpacker, Poppies can be pilihan. Lodging here the price could be from Rp. 90 thousands to hundreds of thousands per night, depending also seasonnya. If it fits more like a vacation in June to August, the price goes up.

Because Poppies Lane is an alley, not a big way, it is rather difficult if you take the car, running a small, left-right motorcycle parking lot, continue also many passers-by. If you live in this area, a motorcycle may be more appropriate than it is for a limited budget as well, bike rental is much more efficient and more agile, anti-jam. For bike hire in Bali usually in the lodging facilities include bike rental.

When viewed from its location, the area is ideal for Poppies streets. If you want to see in the afternoon sunset in Kuta beach, just walk away. Can be reached in a matter of a few minutes. Or if the night going for a walk around Legian street and clubbing, walking quite juga.Kawasan Poppies Lane does offer cheap tours but interesting and complete

3. Affairs could eat at the stall only. Even if you stay in a hotel or lodging, please also goes around to survey where there are places to eat cheap. Poppies also offer cheap tours to your dining needs. There are still many stalls offering food clean and the price is very friendly to the backpacker.Bar-bar along the alley there is also a lot, just select
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