Baliem Valley Festival 2013

Baliem Valley  Festival 2013 will be held on 12 to 15 August 2013. The cultural festival will be centered in Jayawijaya at the height of Mount Jayawijaya.

The festival involves tribes that exist in Jayawijaya, such as the Dani, Lani tribe, and the Yali tribe. Annual event held Jayawijaya Government is intended to maintain and preserve the cultural values ​​of the tribes of the Baliem Valley Jayawijaya.

Baliem Valley Festival 2013 will be enlivened arts and cultural activities such as performances war (history of tribal warfare). This show will be held in an area of ​​400 meters, involving 500 to 1000 consisting of soldiers and dancers.

As for the inter-tribal warfare simulation will feature around 26 war groups consisting of 30-50 people per group.

Siimulasi this war will be accompanied by traditional music of Papua Pikon. Pikon is a musical instrument made from the bark of the tree that produces sound when blown. Interestingly, not everyone Baliem can play this instrument, as it requires special expertise.

In addition there will be a war simulation are also a variety of other interesting activities like traditional dance performances, performances races racing piglets (pig racing), puradan (game throwing the spear into a spinning sphere cane when thrown), sikoko (using wood type game pawns that a jump to the target that has been designated) and various cultural competitions for foreign tourists like throwing spear (glass of) to the target that has been specified correctly, and archery (archery target on the banana stem).

Special attractions glass of throwing and archery competitions are intended for foreign tourists in honor of his visit. Foreign tourists can also try to live the Baliem Valley culture by wearing penis gourds and blacken her as a native of a bygone era that graced the festival atmosphere.
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