Cimaja challenging the surfers

outstanding tourist attractions in indonesia
Many places to travel with cheap cost. Although a low cost but the experience gained is not cheap. Cimaja beach in Sukabumi, West Java, a reference-quality cheap tourist attractions in indonesia.


View on the beach Cimaja very impressive indeed, have a fairly large waves and challenging, so be a favorite place to surf. Many events are held at the beach surfing, ranging from the national level to the pros.

Beach characteristics are different from most beaches. Cimaja beach has rocks that decorate the spherical times along the coast.

Cimaja coast lies the village Cimaja Cisolok district, the distance is approximately 10 kilometers from the port of the queen. If you are from Jakarta, then the distance will be approximately 120km and if you depart from Bandung then the mileage of approximately 203 kilometers.

Culinary is that you can enjoy culinary fish balls, but it was still a lot of other menus that you can taste. There are so many restaurants that serve typical food from the beach Cimaja. To stay you can choose hotels with various rates, ranging from cheap to luxury hotels.

You can also find a souvenir shop that sells a wide range of handicrafts, such as coral, shells, shirts and other trinkets.

For visitors who want to learn to surf or even have never surfed, here too there are institutions that provide courses surfed briefly. Surfing equipment can be hired at this place. So there is no reason for you not to visit this place.
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