lava tour in Sleman

Long vacation this time was special because it coincides with the fasting month. When clever package tour package, tourism industry can reap huge profits.

Currently, the tour featured in Sleman, still the slopes of Mount Merapi lava tour. In addition, the region is still a mainstay Ground tours and lodging.

In addition to tours on the slopes of Mount Merapi, Sleman other tourism locations are the temples. Both Hindu temple relics, and even the Buddha, such as Prambanan, Kalasan, Ratu Boko, Candi Sambisari and Candisari. Also, tourist village and museum.

Destinations attraction slopes of Merapi, many available facilities. In Tlogoputri, Kaliurang, available 48 Jeep, which provided for itinerant slopes of Merapi. Children in Park Recreation Kaliurang, there are 33 Jeep, and in Kinahrejo supplied 94 Jeep.

On this holiday, tourists who come are targeted to increase by 20 percent per day. Lava tour organizers have put up street signs around the slopes of Merapi, as a guide.
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