Historical sights in the old Batavia

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Kota Tua formerly known as the Old Batavia  (Oud Batavia) is a small area on the eastern bank of Ciliwung River.

16th century European voyagers and traders dubbed this place as the "Pearl of the Orient" and "Queen of the East" where the beauty of this city is attributed much like Amsterdam and also as a center of trade in the continent of Asia. From here also VOC and Hind Government

Old Batavia is a favorite of lovers of history and culture. This area is also very popular with photographers who wanted his picture with the underlying architecture of the past. Your foot step around the Old City or the old-style bike hire and Mevrouw meneers Netherlands. The old town became one of  tourist attractions in Indonesia are located in Jakarta

Jakarta History Museum building that stands proudly a symbol of the Old City was once the Town Hall.

While in front of the City Hall was a well-groomed park. So do not be surprised if in the past the region became one of the city community center at that time.

Although no longer a government center, Old Town area remains the main attraction. Now, the Old City is one tourist destination in Jakarta which management held by the local government.

Almost every day the youth, children and even adults visited the region. Apart from the Dutch buildings forms a striking still is the main attraction, around this area was also very suitable to be a place to relax or gather with friends and relatives.

Jakarta History Museum building forms and a few ornaments in front of the building such as cannons and a water tap, a separate object of interest to visitors. In places it is often used as the location pictured.
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