Pandan War at Tenganan traditional village Bali

oustannding tourist attractions in indonesia
Not only a beautiful natural, Balinese culture is also interesting. One of these rituals Mekaré-kare or pandanus war on indigenous village Tenganan, Bali. Although not a real war, there are also tourists who bleed because thorns pandan leaves. These culture make it as Outstanding Tourist Attractions in Indonesia.

Balinese people in the indigenous village of Tenganan, Karangasem regency, Bali ritual has Mekaré-kare or war Pandan. Pandan war is a cultural ritual performed routinely every year. The traditional rituals also attract tourists.

However, this is not a real war. This tension was just a village tradition. Â Many tourists who come to this cultural ritual. Not infrequently, many tourists are curious about Pandan War.

Pandan war is a ceremony performed in honor of Lord Indra or the God of War and ancestors. Pandanus war called Mekaré-kare. The ritual ceremony is held every year in June in the village of Tenganan, which is located at 70 km east of Denpasar, Bali.

By using thorny pandanus leaves, two village youths will fight each other. Pandanus thorns that was rending the body both. In fact, there are wounds and bleeding. Even so, they have anti-septic tubers of materials that will spread into the wound. Until finally wound will dry up and sembuh.Â

To arrive at the village of Tenganan, Travelers have to travel about 70 minutes using a motor vehicle. Tenganan village is also one of the old villages in Bali, also called Bali Aga. Location of the village is surrounded by hills. While the form of the village itself is like a castle, only has four entrances. Making it easier to know who is coming and going from the village.

Beliefs held by society at large Tenganan is Hindu. Tenganan village has written rules or awig awig passed down from generation to generation by their ancestors. This regulation does not recognize caste and believed to be the god Indra is the god of all gods.

That said, Tenganan is the gift of God Indra in Peneges Wong, ancestral village of Tenganan. Balinese Hinduism while generally make Tri Murti Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva as the supreme god.

It is said that in ancient Tenganan and surrounding area, formerly ruled by a king named Maya Denawa unjust and cruel. He even made himself as God and prohibiting religious ritual in Bali.

Hearing this the wrath of the gods in heaven. The gods sent by God to raise or destroy Maya Denawa Indra, the god Indra raised as a warlord or leader of the battle. Through fierce battles and casualties were not a few, Maya Denawa finally defeated.
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