Ujung Kulon National Park The last Javan rhino sanctuary

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Ujung Kulon National Park is located at the westernmost tip of Java island. The region has an area of ​​about 122 956 ha; (443 km ² of which are marine), which begins from the headland Ujung Kulon to the Indian Ocean.

The National Park became the first national park established in Indonesia, and has also been unveiled as one of the protected World Heritage by UNESCO in 1991.

Ujung Kulon National Park has a variety of wildlife species both endemic and it is important to be protected. In general, the region is still able to accommodate the proliferation of various wildlife populations. This place is also one of oustanding tourist attractions in Indonesia

Ujung Kulon peninsula is currently the most important habitat of the Javan rhino, whose population is estimated there are 50-60 tail, and is the only place in the world where naturally Javan rhinos capable of breeding in the last decade.

Javan rhino population in Ujung Kulon National Park is the only population that is potentially still possible to be saved from extinction (Qolloquium Rhino, 1993) through serious efforts of all parties.

Javan rhino (Rhinoceros sondaicus, Desmarest 1822) is one of the rarest mammals in the world that sustainability population in Ujung Kulon National Park (TNUK) to the attention of the whole world.

Javan rhino population in Ujung Kulon National Park is based on the results Trapping Video by Javan rhino monitoring team BTNUK in 2012 found only a minimum of 51 individuals were certainly different from the number of males and females 29 tail 22 tail.

That glimpse of Ujung Kulon National Park, which is designated as a place to protect the Javan rhino habitat.
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