The beauty of Sianok canyon

Being in Bukittinggi will make anyone captivated by its natural beauty. Another thing that makes the city qualifies it as the outstanding tourist attractions in Indonesia, is a stunning canyon Sianok existence.

Sianok canyon barely be missed by tourists who visit Bukitinggi. Not just because the name is already famous because has panoramic views, but also because it is very easy to reach location.

Canyon with a width of about 200 meters, a depth of 100 meters and stretching along 15 km it is part of the City Bukitinggi. Not to be confused to get to the tourist sites.

There are several public transport passing there. The distance is in fact only about 20 minutes walk from the Hotel Grand Rocky. detikTravel visited this place last week.

Mentioned that Sianok canyon is part of the earth fault in the island of Sumatra. The fracture then produce incredible natural sculptures majestic form steep walls almost perpendicular to the rolling hills of green in the middle.

Enhance the natural beauty of the painting is the river that flows between two walls of that nature. With a population of about naming Sianok rod. Trunk is a river in the Minang language.

There is a point to enjoy the best this Sianok Canyon, the Panorama Park. If you wish to enter, visitors pay Rp 5.000/orang.

From Panorama Park, tourists can get almost to the point to see the whole canyon. All-inclusive view of the winding stem Sianok snaking, as if seen coming out of the foot of Mount Singgalang and disappeared in the distance.

If you visit the Panorama Park, do not forget to walk along to the back side. Yet there are some sort of control tower that can be climbed to a height of about 10 meters.

Well, from this tower visitors can get a spectacular view over again. It's also a very good point to capture in camera that must be taken.

Other attractions are in the era of the Panorama Park is Japanese hole. Japan is in fact a pit artificial caves the Japanese army, which is used as a hiding place during the war. Extends up to a few kilometers, there are a lot of interesting information to be had from this heritage.

Finally, after staring satisfied Sianok Canyon of heights, please you enjoy from close to down into the canyon. Tracing the Japanese hole can take visitors to the bottom of the canyon, or can also use public transport are widely available.

In the middle of the canyon there are a few shops that can be visited. Menus are mandatory booked upon arrival is Itiak Lado Mudo curry canyon. Green chillies marinated duck saliva fishing is a typical food and reportedly famous gorges to the archipelago.
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