Jellyfish Lake Kakaban

outstanding tourist attractions in indonesia
The lake is located on the island Kakaban not like the lakes in general. The lake was originally a lagoon of an atoll, which is formed from coral more than 2 million years ago. Kakaban lake is Lake of the most unique in the world,
both of its existence and the species therein. It's one of outstannding tourist attraction in Indonesia.

At that time there has been a removal process for several thousand years, which makes the surrounding reefs rise above sea level. Five square kilometers of sea water trapped inside the dike with a height of 50m, making the area lakes seawater.

The lake is surrounded by mangrove trees and around the island itself is covered by dense trees. Part Kakaban coastline overlooking the sea surrounded by a steep decline of coral reefs.

Lake "jellyfish" is Kakaban Kakaban which are uninhabited, which is located in the Celebes Sea in the north Sangkulirang Peninsula, not far from the Kutai National Park in East Kalimantan. Kakaban, as well as other islands in Derawan Islands in Berau entered into.

Due to the change and evolution long enough by rain water and ground water, lake water is then to be more fresh than in the surrounding sea. These changes also have an impact on the adaptation of existing marine fauna in the lake.

Jellyfish for example, because of limited food, eventually adapting to do mutualistis symbiosis with algae. Algae is a producer of food and to cook food with the help of sunlight.
For thousands of years the lake in the middle of the sea is of course creates a very unique individual ecosystem

This place will give tremendous experience for you. You can swim or snorkeling, playing with cute jellyfish. Uniquely jellyfish in the lake Kakaban are jellyfish are not poisonous. Kakaban is truly remarkable attraction in Indonesia.
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