Ngaben, Balinese cremation Traditions

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Bali is a unique and beautiful place. Also called the island of a thousand temples, it is mostly the people of Bali the Hindu religion. Many customs and traditions of the people of Bali are so unique and interesting to watch. One of them is unique Ngaben or cremation ceremony.
With this unique, Ngaben often a concern for tourists. Nothing wrong with making one outstandning tourist attractions in Indonesia incredible.

Ngaben himself said there are three opinions. Some say comes from the word that means stock or Beya, there is a tracing of the word ngabu or ashes, and some are linking with the word ngapen purification using fire. In the Hindu religion, god or a creator god Brahma is also known as the god of fire. Therefore, Ngaben ceremony can also be seen as an attempt to burn the body in the form of rough dirt attached to spirits (called pralina or merged bodies), and the spirit returns to her Creator.

For the Balinese, Ngaben ceremony is a happy moment. Because with implementing Ngaben, children or parents have to perform its obligations as a member of the family. For children who have grown up, Ngaben ceremony is considered as a form of thank you to the parents who died. Therefore, for the relatives left behind, Ngaben ceremony was greeted with joy, far from the sobs. Because they believe, will only hamper sobs spiritual journey towards nirvana.

However, not all people who die can be directly in-aben. There is also a first buried for reasons not yet have sufficient charge. This ceremony does require a considerable cost (ranging from tens to hundreds of millions of dollars) because its implementation requires a variety of devices ceremony (upakara). Therefore, should Ngaben ceremony held a few years after a relative died. Even to save costs, Ngaben can also be implemented in bulk.

Ngaben ritual is usually held in a festive and involve hundreds or thousands of people consisting of relatives and residents of the local banjar (typical social organization of Balinese society level with the Pillars of Citizens). During its development, this unique ceremony also be on the agenda of tourism, in which domestic and foreign tourists can participate watch this ritual, especially on the main stage of the ceremony, the cremation.

Cremated remains are then collected to form ash floated in the sea. For the Hindu community, the sea is believed to be a symbol of the universe and the door to nirvana. After dilarung, the family will perform in the ceremony procession last Ngaben, namely Nyekah. Nyekah an overthrow ritual ancestral spirits who have in-aben as the ancestors of each Merajan (holy place in the temple complex family). With this ritual, the family can continue to pray for ancestors in the temple complex with their respective families.

With a ceremony witnessed Ngaben, tourists can feel how strong the bond of kinship in Balinese society. Therefore, Ngaben ceremony is a manifestation of the strong memories and respect for the people of Bali to the ancestors and relatives of relatives. Even for the people of Bali, there is a belief that the spirits of ancestors who have in-aben can reincarnate back into his family circle, for example, through a grandson who is the reincarnation of his grandfather.
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