Kampar river surfing in conquering bono

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In Teluk Meranti, Kampar River, Palalawan District, Riau, there is a natural phenomenon that makes curious traveler and surfer.
Now become one of the outstanding tourist attractions in Indonesia. His name is Bono waves that can be used for surfing. 

Bono waves Kampau River, Riau is one of the natural wonders of Indonesia. The waves can be as high as 6 meters and wavelengths up to 300 feet. Surfers were competing to conquer it. 

Although in the river, surf the Kampar River to conquer the waves Bono is not easy. Just imagine, high waves could reach 4 to 6 feet. Wavelength can reach 300 meters. 

Bono waves created by the meeting of river and ocean currents. Coupled with the wind and the cliffs on either side. Waves here is a challenge. 

Therefore, wave Bono became a strong attraction for surfers or any traveler. Large waves will steal your attention. In addition, the sound of the pounding waves will make the creeps! 

There are two access doors Palalawan Region, from Batam can cross life boat. One more from the car ride for 4 hours from Pekanbaru. There are many homestay in the village of Meranti. 

Best month to visit River Bono was at the beginning and at the end of the rainy season. Why, then that would gelombak high. Precisely in February, March, October, and November. When day and night, is the best time to surf there. Prepare your planning! 

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