Borobudur Temple


Borobudur is name one Buddha's temple that lies at Borobudur, Magelang, Intermediate java. Temple location is thereabouts 100 km beside south-west semarangs and 40 km beside northwest Yogyakarta. This temple is found by adherent Buddha Mahayana's religion about year 800 an Masehi on dynasty governance term Syailendra.

There are many theory which tries to word this temple name. One of it declares for that this name words indigenous possible Sambharabhudhara, which is its mean "mountain" (bhudara) whereabouts at its cant lie terraces. Besides there are some another people etymology. Let say borobudur's word comes from utterance "Buddha" one that since sound shift becomes borobudur. Its other explanation that this name is indigenous two words "smoulder" and "beduhur". Say konon's smoulder comes from to say shrine, while there is too other explanation whereabouts sanskrits indigenous smoulder with the meaning complex temple or abbey and beduhur is its mean it "high", or reminding deep balinese which means "upon". So fathoms a meaning it one abbey or garrison those are on highland.

J.G'S historian. de Casparis in its thesis to get doctorate on 1950 opines that Borobudur is altar. Base Karangtengah's inscription and Kahulunan, Casparis estimates founder Borobudur is reigning mataram Syailendra's dynasty named Samaratungga, one that do year vicinity development 824 M. that giant Building can just be solved on its daughter term, Pramudawardhani's queen. Borobudur's development estimating to eat century half time.

Borobudur's development step
* First phase
Borobudur's development term unknown must (estimated among 750 and 850 m). Initially been built high-rise grade manner. Seems to be designed as berundak's pyramid. but then is changed. As proof as available manner arranges that unloaded.
* Second phase
Foundation Borobudur is widened, added by two undak square and one undak circles that directly been given stupa parent outgrows.
* Drd phase
Undak on whorled with stupa parent outgrows to be uncovered and is removed and is substituted three undak circles. Stupa stupa is built on this undak undak's top with one stupa outgrows in the middle it.
* Fourth phase
There is little change as makings of relief changing ladder and gambrel on door.
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