Provenance of Rawa Pening ( Pening Swamp )

Along time ago, live a child which because miracle it at curses a criminal enchanter. Accordingly, that child have wound at his body with odor that really sharp and fishy.
That wound never is dry. If dry beginning, ever be just appearance new injury, caused by bruise.

Baru Klinthing changed as a little kid that have wound on his body, and its wound evoke fishy odor.

Baru klinthing travels at that village, and sees children at silvan it is playing. Wish emerge to be reassured its for foses, but that children refuse Baru Klinthing present and berates it with jeer. Baru Klinthing goes. At golden mean, its belly is beginning starves, and Baru Klinthing visits one of house and ask for eating. Baru Klinthing that time returns at refuses even at abuses.

That village is silvan prosperous one, but resident at Silvan it really arrogant. Until some day available an old Widows (Nyai) one that good and wants to keep all and feeds Baru Klinthing. After is finished eating, Baru Klinthing thankful to Nyai, while says, "Nyai, if Nyai hears kentongan's voice, Nyai shall direct ascend to boat or lisung ok?", then Nyai that answers "Yes".

While is Baru Klinthing be in the street leave that community, Baru Klinthing meets with children that often contempts it and direct drive out with scurrility. Baru Klinthing Don't accept with that conduct, it even direct drives in one bar of rib that fortunately is there. Then with its anggry face swearing even, that no an even that feels equal to lift this rib, but him.

By piece beginning tries to pull out rib that at drives in , but children no Baru Klinthing that can pull out it. Until eventual adult which try to pull out that rib. But its result MAKES A ABODE CAN NOT! Finally rib interes Baru Klinthing own that, since just him that can pull out it (remember that she supernatural). Even that time to water extern of that rib ex earth implanted, its water so issue swift of earth, and happens flash flood at Silvan Swamped Groggy and assassinating all society at silvan it, but Nyai.

After that rib escape, direct Baru Klinthing sounds kentongan to commemorate Nyai. Finally Nyai which be pounding paddy soon input goes to lisung, and felicitates her. Nyai tells this instance to neighbours silvan residents its and Blue Klinting returns to become serpents and looks after village already become that swamp.

Rawa Pening gets location at Central Java Province, correct it at Bukit Cinta Silvan, Ambarawa's regency, spaced 45 Km of semarangs. Its extent ranges 4 district regions; Ambarawa, Bawen,Tuntang, and Banyubiru. This lake is alone is at Merbabu's mountainside, Telomoyo's mountain, and Ungaran's Mountain with a high 461 mdpl.
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