The Legend of Prambanan

Once upon a time, on anciently there is a big monarchy that named Prambanan. Its people is living happy and peace. But, what happen then? Prambanan's monarchy is attacked and colonized by Pengging's country.
Happines is Prambanan's monarchy becomes most tease. Soldiers can't face Pengging's team attack. Finally, Prambanan's monarchy gained control by Pengging, and headed by Bandung Bondowoso.

Bandung Bondowoso a that fond commands awfully. “Whoever that doesn't follow my instruction, will be punish the devil to pay!”, say Bandung Bondowoso on its people. Bandung Bondowoso is a that supernatural and has genie team. Are not how long empowered, Bandung Bondowoso likes to observe Loro Jonggrang's gesture, pretty Prambanan princess comely. “Lovely really that daughter. I want she becomes my princess,” thought Bandung Bondowoso.

Day after that day, Bondowoso approaches Loro Jonggrang. “You are lovely once, will you become my princess?”, Ask Bandung Bondowoso to Loro Jonggrang. Loro Jonggrang is flinched, hearing Bondowoso's question. “This male is sassy once, haven't known with me direct want me as princess it ”, say Loro Jongrang at heart. “What do have I do?”. Loro Jonggrang becomes confusion. Its think flies around. If it refuses, therefore Bandung Bondowoso will big anger and jeopardizes its family and Prambanan's people. To affirm it even may not, since Loro Jonggrang really bad blood with Bandung Bondowoso.

“How, Loro Jonggrang?” Bondowoso's rush. Finally Loro Jonggrang gets IDE. “I have the honour to become Gentleman wife, but there is its requisite,” Allegedly. “What is its requisite? Want overwhelmed asset? Or grandiose Palace?”. “Not it, my gentleman, say Loro Jonggrang. I ask for to be made by temple, amount the has a thousand numbers. “A thousand numbers?” scream Bondowoso. “Yes, and that temple has finish in the period of as nighted as.” Bandung Bondowoso gazes Loro Jonggrang, its lip is vibrant bates dander. Since that time Bandung Bondowoso thinks how to make 1000 temples. Finally it asks to its advisor. “I believe my gentleman make lee way to make that temple with Genie help!”, say advisor. “Yes, really also your suggestion, make ready equipment that I need!”

After outfit at makes ready. Bandung Bondowoso stands up is in front stone altar. Both of its arm spreaded out by broads. “Genie team, Help me!” scream its with very loudly voice. After a little, sky becomes dark. Wind whirs. After a while, genie team have infested Bandung Bondowoso. “What do have we do Gentleman?”, ask genie boss. “I help to build a thousand temples,” asked Bandung Bondowoso. Genies soon moving there hither, performing task each. At short notice temple building was arranged almost reaches a thousand numbers.

In the meantime, on the quite Loro Jonggrang observes of too far. It is alarm, knowing aided Bondowoso by genie team. “Whew, how this?”, say Loro Jonggrang at heart. It looks for mind. Lady in waitings royal being enjoined it flock and appointing to gather straw. “Quick burns all its straw!” Loro Jonggrang's instruction. Partly another lady in waiting to be enjoined it pounding mortar. Dung … dung … dung! Tint ruddles to shine to sky by escorted frenzy voice, so kindred as dawn that rises.

Genie team take for dawn has risen. “Whew, the sun will publish!” genie sharp. “We shall shortly go before our body scorched by the sun,” the other genie interlocking. Genies that straggly going pushes along that. Bandung Bondowoso finds time surprise see kepanikan genie team.

Its morning, Bandung Bondowoso asks out Loro Jonggrang goes to temple place. “Temple that you asking was standing!”. Loro Jonggrang shortly accounts total its temple. Apparently its amount just 999 numbers!. “Amount the reducing one!” Loro Jonggrang's sharp. “Washed-up gentleman matter measures up what do I propose ”. Bandung Bondowoso astonishedding to know that lack. It becomes really wrath. “It is impossible … ”, say Bondowoso while gazing sharply on Loro Jonggrang. “If just after even one you completes it!” allegedly while leads its finger on Loro Jonggrang. The magic of electronics! Loro Jonggrang directly changed as stone statue. Until now that temple is extant and so-called Loro Jonggrang's Temples. Since lie at territorial Prambanan, Intermediate java, Loro Jonggrang's temple is known as Prambanan's Temple

Rara Jonggrang's temple or Lara Jonggrang that lies at Prambanan is complex Hindu temple to be outgrown at Indonesia. This temple lie at java, more or less 20 Yogyakarta's east km, 40 Surakarta's west km and 120 semarangs south km, exactly at border among Intermediate Javanese province and Yogyakarta's Privilege Region. Rara Jonggrang's temple lies at Prambanan's village that its region is divided among regency Sleman and Klaten.
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