Grojogan Sewu Water Fall

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Feel fresh while we enter this region. "Grojogan Sewu" water fall, that lie at Tawang Mangu, Karanganyar's regency, Intermediate java.

If You come in to pass through first aught door upon, You shall go down graded ladder orderly and get stone bottom to wend waterfall. Ladder that its amount hundreds it, maybe gets to make Your foot feels annoyed. To settle this problem, organizer provides gazebo at severally dot, so You can get breather. In this, available elongated tailed monkey the living one frees, so don't surprise if You will find it on tour. Amount the goodly a lot of, but You not necessarily fear since monkey in here by and large won't trouble.
Grojogan Sewu's forest

Grojogan Sewu meaning waterfall a thousand. Really, waterfall in here don't total a thousand, but there is umpteen waterfall dot that You can enjoy in here. Aughts supreme waterfall in height vicinity 80 meters. There is too cataract that doesn't overestimate but its douche extends and form branches. If be rainy season, look around bank will rain waterfall, but summertime, there are many waterfall which is dry. Visitors who wants to hover waterfall, shall cautious because have to pass slippery big stones.

After pleases to enjoy water fall, You can turn around to enjoy balmy this forest tourism. Broadly 20 Ha, this provide swimming pool facility for child and adult. There is also booth which sell food at the price that achievable. Another flank is pine forest and other cashew tree that its age until hundreds years. Orderly and stony lane gets to make You progressively enjoy presented panoramic view.
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